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All pizza made with mozzarella cheese and pizza sauce

Hoiday special

Medium or Large pizza with any 4 toppings $15.95

( double toppings, cheese toppings, vegan protein, chicken, pulled pork, beef burger are extra)

If order 2 or more can be delivered with delivery charge $4.25 apply

               ( Add 8 wings for $9.99 ) choose 1 dipping sauce from the following :

creamy garlic, cheddar jalapeno, bbq , honey garlic, blue cheese, tequila harbanero bbq, hot )

Call us at 647-352-2783 to order

Delivery special

* Large pizza with 3 toppings  $ 20.95 delivered

Add 8 wings or 15 chicken nuggets for $9.99

chicken, pulled pork, vegan cheese any vegan protein are extra (some restriction may apply call store for details

call 647 352 2783 to order


Special 1

Any 2 medium pizzas in the list below for $27.99 (pick up or delivery charge apply)

or Any 2 medium pizzas build your own 6 toppings combined $27.99

double toppings, cheese toppings, vegan protein extra

For any vegetarian pizza, substitute for vegan cheese $2 extra per pizza

For gluten free pizza, add $4.50 per pizza.

Please put it in the special order instructions.


Brocolli, Roasted red peppers, Zucchini, dash of sea salt

Calabrese Picante

Hot calabrese salami, Roasted peppers, Black olive


Tomatoes, Roasted peppers, Green peppers, Green onion, Hot banana peppers


Roasted Mushrooms, Pepperoni, Maplewood Smoked Bacon

Broccoli Feta

Brocolli, Caramelized onion, Roasted peppers, Feta cheese

Maple Hawaiian

Maple glazed pineapple, Maplewood Smoked Bacon

Wild Funghi

Gorgonzola cheese, Double roasted mushrooms

Pollo Barbeque

Grilled BBQ chicken, Sweet red onion, Roasted peepers, BBQ Sauce

Garden Vegetable

Green peppers, Tomatoes, Roasted mushrooms

Whiskey Pulled Pork

Pulled pork in whiskey BBQ sauce, Caramelized Onion




Special 2

Medium Pizza 2 toppings and 10 Wings combo for $27.95

  • Add on deal

  • Medium 2 toppings pizza for $11.99 (add as many pies as you like)

Special 3

Buy any pizza $16 or over, and get a second 12" Margherita, cheese, or pepperoni pizza for only $8.99

Pick up Special call ahead 647-352--2783

1. Large Margherita, Pepperoni or Cheese Pizza for $12.99. Pick up only

Upsize to Extra large for $4.95 extra


2.      Large 2 toppings pizza for $14.99

Premium toppings, Vegan cheese , Vegan protein  extra

Upsize to extra large for $4.95 extra


ADD on deal (unlimited)

8 wings and one dipping sauce for $9.99 choice of (creamy garlic, cheddar jalapeno, bbq , honey garlic, blue cheese, tequila harbanero bbq, Buffalo hot )




*Some restrictions may apply. Call or see store for details.